Picture of Henrik Kolind in purple top hat
I am a director. And a producer. And a lot of other things. But mostly a director.

I have studied and worked with film for 10+ years; written some scripts, held a boom, done visual effects and most things in between.

On set experience include directing from the trunk of a moving car and being punched in the face by a drunken sixteen year old (not at the same time), but I am willing to try other things too.

I have made a film in two days and I have made a film in four years
- they are very different.

There are days where I wish I had a “normal” life (whatever that is?)
- then I remember that what I really love doing, is collaborating with talented people who want do the same thing I do:

Tell stories!

If you would like to know where I studied, who I have worked with and which, if any, awards I have, here is a CV in Danish or English.

If you are still reading this and want to know more, I suggest you get in touch with me.